Ali Gunn

Do you feel like your skin is lacking a bit of lustre ? The combination of the loss of suntan and change in to colder weather left my skin feeling rather dull!

And that’s one of the reasons I love makeup as you can give your self glow and fake it.  But I want to look good with hardly any makeup on too, so I look to my diet & skin care;

The images below are some of my favourite products for Autumn/Winter (click on image to enlarge)

I’m in LOVE with Bamford products they are probably the most luxurious thing I’ve ever put on my face ! And its organic and full of natural essential oil fragrances- heaven. I’m moving more towards organic and natural as everything we put on our skin is absorbed in to our blood stream -it just feels good too.

I also ADORE the Sukin range: slightly more affordable & the daily moisturiser is perfect as a makeup base as is the Bamford one too.  And if you are really sensitive the pink Sukin rage is divine.

A really good exfoliator is ESSENTIAL -I’ve started using my husbands (not that he knows) which is also a natural product and works really well! Equally a hot cloth or flannel to remove any traces of makeup after cleansing is ideal.

Not everything is natural – The Filorga products from M&S are great for firming , La Roche Posay & Una Brennan from Boots are both fantastic for everyday and I usually always use a mist after makeup this L’Occitane one is heavenly and gives you a lovely fresh dewy glow.

I also look at my diet- increase water intake and nourish myself with more natural and healthy foods, cut out alcohol during the week and take a few more mini breaks between jobs to just breathe (not look at my phone) and recharge! I’m also taking a few more walks & within a few weeks my skin is looking so much healthier!  :)

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